Runoff and nutrient inputs from rivers and non-monitored areas

Sources: Monitored rivers and non-monitored areas rawdata were initially compiled by Per Stålnacke from Jordforsk-Centre for Soil and Environmental Research, in the subproject "Trend analysis and source apportionment of the load of eutrophying substances to the Baltic Sea" within the research project "Large Scale environmental effects and ecological processes in the Baltic Sea". This database has a monthly time resolution (for the period 1970-1990) with exception of Denmark that provided annual estimations. The data were collected from the different national monitoring programs and additional samplings were carried out. 

Later during the years 2002 and 2003 this database has been updated in several steps:

 Monthly river transports and discharge from swedish rivers up to year 2000. Sources: BALTEX and Inst. för miljöanalys, SLU in Sweden as well as the project Silicate and Baltic Sea Ecosystem Response (SIBER)

Monthly discharge for all but four rivers from Finland, including year 2000. Data provided by the Finnish Environment Institute.

Monthly transports and discharge for both rivers Oder and Vistula in Poland, including year 2000

Sources: Sea fisheries institute, Gdynia and the Instytut Meteorologii i Gospodarki Wodnej, Warszawa

Monthly transports and discharge for Neman in Lithuania, including year 2000. The data were provided by the Joint Research Centre Vilnius in Lithuania.

In this case, only yearly transport data available - monthly values were constructed through dividing the yearly transport by 12.

From Latvia: monthly discharge, for Lielupe, Gauja and Daugava until and including year 1997, for Salaca and Venta until and including year 1998. For Salaca years 1991-1994 were still missing.

Data were provided by BALTEX.

In the case of Estonia:  transports and discharge for all rivers including year 2000. Years 1991-1994 were still missing. Only yearly transport data available - monthly values constructed through dividing the yearly transport by 12. The data source is the Estonian Environment Information Centre

Some data on loads to the Gulf of Finland from the rivers Neva and Luga were provided by NW Administration of Roshydromet in Russia with a quarterly resolution, were used to reconstruct monthly loads.

In this link you can find how the database is structured.

After this process, it was decided to try to reconstruct all missing values in the database for the period 1970-2000.

All missing values in the original data provided by Stålnacke and further updates were reconstructed with the approaches shown below. Denmark and Germany non monitored and coastal loads were completely reconstructed for the period 1990-2000.

Basically the approaches were:


Hopefully the monitored river loads data series will be updated until year 2012.

We gratefully thank the kind contributions from:

Estonian environment Information Centre

Finnish Environment Institute

 Lithuanian Environmental Protection Agency

In the case of the Swedish river load data for the period 2001-2012, these were extracted on 05.12.2013 from SLU's environmental database for soil-water environment. Data has been obtained within the Swedish co-ordinated environmental monitoring by the Environmental Protection Agency,  Havs- och vattenmyndigheten and the respective  Vattenvårdsförbund".