In the Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea Area, 1992 (Helsinki Convention), the Contracting Parties agreed to undertake measures to prevent and eliminate pollution of the marine environment of the Baltic and to provide pollution load data, as far as available. Compilations of pollution load data (PLC) have been an integral part of HELCOM assessment system since 1987, focusing on annual and periodic assessments of inputs of nutrients and selected hazardous substances.

This website provides access to the annual loads of nutrients and hazardous substances entering the Baltic Sea. For transboundary catchments (a catchment shared by multiple countries) and for border rivers the load for the entire river is provided.

A description of the data collected in the database is presented in the HELCOM Guidelines for the annual and periodical compilation and reporting of waterborne pollution inputs to the Baltic Sea.

Disclaimer: The data in the PLC waterborne database are based on the latest available information provided by HELCOM Contracting Parties and are subject to change.